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    Rajiv Malhotra Volunteers - Tell Us About You

    Thank you for your interest in supporting Rajiv Malhotra's effort as a volunteer.
    Please provide your contact information and share the topics of your interest matching your capabilities. This way we can decide how to best utilize your time for meaningful/ focused contribution.

    PLEASE NOTE: Currently we don't have enough resources to respond to each volunteer offer. You'll be contacted only if we can figure out a way to effectively use of your time in a current project. If you want to take ownership of "volunteer coordination" i.e. emailing/calling volunteers, planning work and then assigning and following up with volunteers to complete specific tasks, send an email to:

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    Type of Help Rajiv Needs, currently:

    1. Promotion - social media: Promote and defend his work on specific platforms

    2. Promotion - mainstream media: If you have contacts and know the industry

    3. Promotion - General research: We'll assign you specific tasks to do internet research.

    4. Video description: We'll assign you videos to listen to and you'll need to create description for specific clips/ segments

    5. Writing: To simplify his work for masses

    6. Multimedia/ graphics design

    7. Event organization/ speaking engagements: (Have to be of significant size)

    8. Fund raising for Infinity foundation. Donate at

    9. Promote book sales

    ...this list is to give you high level idea. To start with join Rajiv's Infinity Foundation Satsang e-group!forum/infinityfoundationsatsang

    Your Interests and Capabilities *

    Tell us about your interest and capabilities (education, knowledge, experience, skills) to support Rajiv Malhotra's work based on the types of help needed, mentioned above

    Your Expectations *

    We've rarely seen unconditional support. Please share your motivation/ expectations to offer help to Rajiv upfront. It could be as genuine as learning with Rajiv or you can very well have a mutually beneficial objective.

    Your Availability *

    Please suggest how's your availability/ schedule flexibility to support Rajiv's work.

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